Working time more than 10000 hours 5W 10W 15W 18W 20W 25W 30W 40W Long Life Solar Street Light    Lifetime≥20 years!Lifetime of battery≥8 years! 

Portable DC Solar Power System for remote mountainous ares,the power shortage ares,etc.

On/Off Solar PV system for Factory/Residential/Commercial 

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Wuxi SolarTale PV Tech Co., Ltd (hereinafter SolarTale, website: is a professional investor, EPC , Operation and Maintenance company, which focuses on distributed photovoltaic station (1KW-20MW). SolarTale is offering turnkey solution from PV system design, procurement, construction, and the after sales services. Particularly, the independent design department guarantees the PV technology of SolarTale on leading position persistently. SolarTale has more than 1000 successful references in distributed PV fields. Moreover, the profound knowledge and experiences on PV stations in different countries and cities make Solartale handling each photovoltaic power station maturely.

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